The Tаrоt Card Reading Opener

Full disclosure. I have no idea how to read Tаrоt cards. If you've come here to learn how, sorry to disappoint. However, most decks come with some basic explanation, so that should get you going in the right direction.

That being said, you'll find that this is a fun way to start a conversation with a girl or a group of girls, and get a fantastic and enthusiastic response. But be forewarned. Girls aren't going to immediately invite you back to their apartment just because you show them a deck of Tаrоt cards.

This gambit is just to get the conversation going. How you use that conversation is up to you. But if you're just getting started in the world of seduction, this is a great party trick to give you plenty of experience, and learn that pretty girls are normal people like you and me.

The reason this works is because you are combining a few elements, all of which are fun, disarming, and attractive. You'll be showing a girl you don't take yourself so seriously, you'll be asking for her advice, and you'll be showing her a good time, or demonstrating your high value.

The opener goes like this. You see a girl, either buy herself, or with her friends. This is much better when she's with her friends. She'll feel safer, and you'll feel like more of a badass because you opened a group of hot girls on your own.

First, you make eye contact, and smile. Then you look away for a minute or two. Then you look back and smile at her again, and kind of cock your head like you're studying her. Make sure to keep your expression light.

Leave your ax at home.

Then you walk over, and say something like this:

"Excuse me, this is going to sound really off the wall, but you seem to be a very intuitive person. Could I borrow your intuition for just a few minutes?"

OK, right off the bat, that sounds goofy. How the heck do you borrow somebody's intuition?

She'll almost always say yes just to find out what you're all about, especially if she's with her friends.

Then you say something like this:

"Well, I've just started learning to read Tаrоt cards, and I'm not sure I'm getting accurate readings. I was wondering if I could give you a reading, and then you could tell me if I'm on the right track or not."

Again, this sounds interesting, intriguing, and she'll almost always say yes. When she does, have fun. Be sure to know a little bit about Tarot, so you can make up something interesting based on the cards you pull.

When you're giving her your "reading," be sure to solicit her opinion about whether or not you're getting accurate "information." In order to do that, she'll be telling you about herself, which will make her feel closer to you.

When you're finished, say something like this:

"Wow, you're really intuitive. We work really well together. Let's get together for a cup of coffee later on." And then hand her your phone.

Nice work!

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