The Fool - At Peace Where Angels Fear To Tread!

Sometimes, the world goes easy on a fool - and this one has certainly had the last laugh, being the only member of Tarot's greater arcana to survive the transition from 14th century Venice into every regular pack of modern playing cards. So surely this joker's doing something right?

Well, foresight certainly isn't his secret! Because this guy has so little of it that our medieval Italian friends assigned him a numeric zero (even though, sequentially, he's often placed 21st in the suit). More recently identified with hippies and New Age Travellers, a few of the influences typically ascribed to him include:

Living life right at the limits
A hopeless lack of discipline
Intoxication through drink or drugs
Pursuing spiritual development
But does this mean you should be dismayed when this card shows up in your Tаrоt reading? Not at all! As always, you have to take into account whereabouts in the reading it appears, and what it refers to. After all, these qualities may simply confirm what you already felt you knew about the person or situation that you're inquiring after!

You also need to bear in mind there are strong, positive qualities within his sphere of influence. Mavericks are certainly not all bad, and eccentricity (which this card signifies above all else) can frequently prove a valuable commodity!

Under his influence, you'll need to be on your guard against laziness, as it's far too easy to lose all sense of motivation with this carefree lout around. And very often, this card can be taken as a warning to make sure that willpower rules over temptation - especially at critical moments, and when easier choices tantalizingly present themselves. So if you suddenly feel an urge to detour down one of life's shorter paths, make doubly sure you're doing it for the right reasons!

More positively, The Fool represents libertarianism, spontaneity, spiritual development, individual freedom and, some say, the untapped creative potential that lurks deep down within all of us. So there's no doubt that, positioned favourably in your spread, he can make a valuable contribution to your Tаrоt reading.

Also, this outlandish extrovert, untroubled by the concept of embarrassment, can help you party like there's no tomorrow, kill you and your friends with kindness, and introduce you to the true meaning of extravagance!

Just make sure that, if you have anything even slightly resembling an important decision to take, you totally disregard his influence. Because in that regard, he's easily the worst card in the pack!

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