Revealing Past Lives Through Tаrоt

Everything living on earth has already existed before. That doesn't just apply to people who believe in reincarnation; we have our ancestors, where we came from, the blood line. But there's more than that. There are past personas which transcend family trees. We are made up of previous existences; separate and sometimes unrecognisable from what we know. Tаrоt can help to uncover some of those past lives by peeling away layers of consciousness and allowing us to discover who we were in the past, which is not necessarily always human, and how that makes us who we are today.

Connecting with the past has existed since the beginning of time, and the traditional images on tаrоt cards, which are practically unchanged since ancient Egyptian times have a deep effect on our psyche. The contents of those images are the key to unlocking our past lives. As a child, you probably had memories of earlier lives which have since been forgotten. The sub-conscious selection of images for interpretation will allow a connection with that buried past, and you will be exposed to the personality, behaviour and thoughts of someone whose body is long gone but whose intrinsic soul is within your being. The revelations may be recent past or much longer ago, you can regress further if you wish to go deeper. Self-knowledge is extremely empowering.

Different psychics have their particular favourite spreads for revealing past lives, maybe the Invoking Pentacle Spread or an eight card spread, but all will give you insight into how you conducted your life and how that valuable knowledge impacts on your present and future circumstances. You might also find that during a general tаrоt card reading, a card appearing in the past position; eg the Knight, Page, King or Queen of Cups from the Minor Arcana might indicate a powerful link with a past life.

Understanding our previous lives is essential in order to truly know who we are. We have our own unique and complex collection of traits, skills, fundamental opinions which make up our identity. It is infinitely helpful to see the buried persona through the channel of a psychic looking into our past lives, in particular, they may be able to see a life-changing or critical moment in that life, and how you dealt with it. This is crucial as it could still have influence on our present life. You may well find there are unfinished issues or repetition of old karmic patterns which need to be addressed, and there will be enlightenment once certain revelations are aired. You must be prepared, however, that revealing buried past lives could unearth upsetting or harsh circumstances, and such knowledge should not be dismissed without respectful and careful thought. The wisdom collected over previous lives will benefit your current life, but only if you take notice.

Whether a spread of tаrоt cards is visible before you, or only your psychic has sight of them, allow your mind to be as open as possible, allow something instinctive to guide your selection, your sub-conscious will perceive more from tаrоt images than you realise. To prepare, you could clear a quiet space with no distractions, and if possible, focus on the image from the major arcana cards known as The Fool. As you prepare for your reading, looking at the card in detail and thinking about the image will focus your thoughts. The significance of this card is that the Fool's child-like open mind enables him to tune into mysteries of the world. He represents you, the querent. The remainder of the pack are the events themselves, the answers. This is your doorway.

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